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Pitfalls of the Traditional Hospital Freight Management Service

Learn what a modern hospital freight management program can look like with smart supply chain solutions.

You'll Learn:

Pitfalls we found as an original provider of traditional freight management services

Opportunities and benefits of a modern hospital freight management program

How leveraging data and analytics levels up the role of the supply chain

What a freight management partnership can and should look like

Do you know the benefits of smart supply chain solutions?

Traditional service-based logistics companies have critical restrictions preventing health systems from delivering the most efficient and cost-effective healthcare. These freight management partners are hard-coded into one carrier with masked costs and margin-based models.

They tack a percentage onto shipping method, parcel size/weight, and gas prices. Additionally, they charge more when carrier rates increase, which happens every single year. With a traditional service-based partner, you will always spend more than you did the year prior because inflation is literally baked into your contract.

Software as a service is fully transparent, and technology has a quicker reaction time to counteract supply chain disruptions.

That's why we're here to help you innovate your freight management program with smart supply chain solutions.