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Webinar: Pitfalls of your Traditional Freight Management Service

Lack of visibility into the supply chain is frustrating.

VPL can help. Check out this 20-minute webinar where Scott Crow, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, explains why we built our foundation with technology instead of service years agoand how we continuously innovate to stay ahead of the curve for freight management.

What you'll learn:

  • Pitfalls we found as an original provider of traditional freight management services
  • Opportunities and benefits of visibility in a modern freight management program
  • How leveraging data and analytics levels up the role of supply chain
  • What partnership is supposed to look likeless work, initial and ongoing savings, transparency, and accountability

Watch Presentation

"Having no cost control, no visibility, and no ability to budget with the options out there with various carriers was the main frustration, in addition to the lack of accountability if a shipment went missing."- Kevin Blackburn, Pharmacy Director, Kettering Health