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HPN Virtual Forum Recording:

Building Blocks Toward Supply Chain Resiliency

Lack of visibility into our supply chains leads to operational, clinical, and financial disruptions that all have negative impacts on patient care. Having the right product, at the right time, in the right place is more critical now than ever.

Yet, few health systems can say with certainty where their vital product is at any given time.

Listen in as Joe Walsh, Founder of Supply Chain Sherpas and Eric McGlade, Founder and CEO of VPL discuss critical blocks to building a resilient supply chain and how to prioritize the work.

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Cost savings are guaranteed, but we can help with a whole lot more than that:

  • Flat-rate, transparent pricing

  • Allows choice of carrier

  • Real-time order status

  • More supplier shipment volume

  • Pharmacy specific modules

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"We initially had concerns that the program would be difficult to get up and running. We were pleased to discover that VPL’s industry experience, expertise, and flexibility made it simple and easy for us to implement the program."

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