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Savings Guaranteed.

But that's not what makes us different. 

  • We're the only cloud-based, carrier-neutral healthcare supply chain platform

    • Access to compliance and performance data

    • More freight managed

  • We've unlocked real-time supply chain visibility for you

    • Freight data is used to create Amazon-like experience

    • Industry’s only track-and-trace capability with proactive alerts

  • We provide on-demand reporting and regular business reviews with supply chain data and analytics

    • Executive dashboards, interactive charting tools

    • See where money is being made, and lost

  • We've built integrations and created a pharmacy shipping software solution for your providers

    • Communicate prescription shipping updates to patients and staff in real-time

    • Easier audit and accreditation processes

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"VPL's extensive experience in healthcare allowed them to customize a program to meet our unique requirements. Their flexibility allowed us to retain some of the benefits of our previous self-managed program yet they still managed to deliver an additional 65% monthly savings within the first 6 months."

- Ascension Health