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Manage All Your Specialty Pharmacy Operations In One Single Platform.

When pharmacists must utilize multiple systems and processes for prescription delivery, it leads to lack of control, no visibility into the status of shipments, and no delivery performance metrics.

That's why we're excited to launch our new integration between TrajectRx and Asembia-1. With this integration, specialty pharmacists now have the ability to complete the full prescription shipping workflow in one platform.

We're working together to help you do more with less.

  • Reduce the number of steps it takes to ship prescriptions
  • Eliminate manual data entry to minimize risk of error
  • Track shipments and communicate updates to clinical staff
  • Automatically send shipping and delivery alerts to patients
  • Control shipping costs with choice of carrier and courier
  • Simplify audits and accreditation with proof of delivery

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"Our pharmacy uses VPL TrajectRx to schedule our prescription deliveries to patients in six different states. Traject’s ‘View My Shipments’ tab has more flexibility than FedEx package tracking because we can search by tracking number, address, shipping method, multi-ship ID, carrier or prescription number. We use the reports to identify packages that are not delivered within the appropriate time that meet our accreditation’s standards for refrigerated deliveries and overall deliveries."

- Director of Pharmacy Operations