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Webinar: Cost Savings and Visibility Opportunities for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Reduce Freight Shipping Costs with Amazon-Like Experience

We’ve identified an area where ASCs are losing significant amounts of money. The culprit: uncontrolled costs related to shipping. The good news is that it's an easy fix.

In this presentation, Chris Tate, Director of Business Development, discusses how VPL's Smart Supply Chain Solutions were developed to provide healthcare supply chain professionals with an Amazon−like freight management experience, using cloud-based software to maximize cost savings and provide real-time visibility into order status with the industry's only track-and-trace capability.

What You'll Learn:

  • The history of freight management and why it’s costing you too much money
  • How your surgery center can significantly reduce costs by automating your inbound freight management
  • The opportunities and benefits associated with visibility in a modern freight management program

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"VPL's extensive experience in healthcare allowed them to customize a program to meet our unique requirements. Their flexibility allowed us to retain some of the benefits of our previous self-managed program yet they still managed to deliver an additional 65% monthly savings within the first 6 months."

- Ascension Health